“Ugly Produce”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The Parrot flies again! These manic Aussies are one of the hardest working and most prolific bands around…they are hell bent on being successful, especially in America. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that their last album “Dead Set” was out.

“Ugly Produce” is aptly named…I’d hate to see this at the local supermarket! It delivers more of King Parrot’s peculiar and hyperactive grind, sprinkled with a good bit of gross and psychotic humor. The Parrot boys have worked hard on creating their own unique sound that’s unlike any other grind band. You can’t mistake them for anybody else! The music here seems a bit catchier and more memorable than past work but doesn’t give one inch of ground when it comes to insane speed and heaviness. Songs like “Piss Wreck”,  “All Hail the Grub” and the goofy “Ten Pounds of Shit In a Five Pound Bag” fly by like projectile vomit, with Matty Young’s shrieking vocals giving voice to it all.  Most super fast grind bands sacrifice memorability, but tunes like “Entrapment” and “Disgrace Yourself” stamp themselves pretty quickly on your memory. The album ending “Spookin’ The Animals” is a virtual epic for these guys and is almost 4 minutes long.

There’s something very likable and loony about King Parrot and their video for “Ten Pounds of  Shit In a Five Pound” bag can’t be missed if you’re into sick humor. They are thisclose to being a real force in the underground! Let “Ugly Produce” bite your head off!