"Dead Set"

By Derelikt Waugh

Alright, so most of you crusty ol' fuckers have probably heard of these Australian nutters by now. Many of you probably already know them simply 'cause their lead vocal lunatic (Matty Young) is the son of another Aussie gentleman ya may know, a fella who calls himself Malcolm who's in some band that a few folks seem to find mildly entertaining. So what is this, then? Is King Parrot some AC/DC rip-off, trying to desperately to cash-in by riding some famous daddy's coat tails to the fucking bank? Anyone who's heard their debut ("Bite Your Head Off") already knows that the answer to that question is a definite NO. Whether ya love it or loathe it, this bares no similarity whatsoever to the more famous Australian outfit in question. If it's similar in ANY ways whatsoever, those similarities begin and end with the fact that King Parrot are highly entertaining, but more importantly...they fuckin' rock.

King Parrot's style of rock however, is in no way blues oriented. Instead, it's rooted firmly in the twin foundations of thrash 'n' grind. There's a gory splash of death metal thrown in the mix, just to ensure some extra punishment. This is some intense, fast, furious shit. Matty Young's lyrics have a definite humorous lean, but his Hellish, tortured shriek lets ya know that these fuckers mean business. While the last barrage of songs numbered seventeen, this one's a more concentrated ten. The shorter number of songs does not mean lesser quality, however. It simply means that King Parrot's trimming the fat in order to concentrate on actual "song writing", as opposed to grinding blasts. In short, this is some fun shit and I HIGHLY recommend you at least watch a video or two from these dudes. Fucking hilarious!  P.S. Please make note of the fact that I did not mention the famous producer. That's not due to the fact that I love or hate the guy, it's because every other album reviewer (and his/her mother) is gonna make mention of it. Then again, I mentioned the other famous fucker, didn't I? Fuck it. Give "Dead Set" a spin, regardless.