By Theron Moore

Their bio describes them as "...folk based, blackened death metal."  How about “…A Viking inspired crusade of complete mayhem and destruction?”  I think that description is more apt.

"Karg" translated into English is "barren" which this CD is anything BUT.  The first track, "The Runes of Hel," is a total assault on the senses setting the bar high for the rest of the CD and you know what?  King of Asgard succeeded.  Each song continues to march forth and best the previous one.

Standout tracks include the aforementioned "The Runes of Hel," "Trickster," and "Huldran."  My favorite is track four, the stomping “Remnant of the Past” which brings up snow laden visions of that which once was on icy seas, sailing forth to conquer, rape and pillage wherever their vessel may land.

“Karg” sets the standard by which folk and Viking metal should be judged by. One listen to this CD by King of Asgard will leave you saying, "Amon who?"