"Set for Extinction"

By Thor

Kill the Client is 100% grind and their latest offering, "Set for Extinction", is everything one should expect from such an album --nineteen short songs of blistering fast and distorted aural mayhem! The opening track "No Leaders" begins with a short sample from what sounds like an old school safety or propanda movie. This is followed by a slow, ugly riff of monstrous power which foreshadows the overwhelmingly violent experience pending. After a few ominous measures, the frenetic, super sonic grind kicks in and...we have lift-off, we're off to the races, it's a runaway train...pick a cliche, they all seem appropriate.

Kill the Client's sonic assault, this time neatly packaged and referred to as "Set for Extinction", is a Napalm Death-inspired barrage of abrasive tunes that, were they any longer, would shred the average attention span like a Dick Cheney email. This is hardcore punk on serious steroids and the one to two-minute bursts of it hurl through the speakers at an overwhelming pace. The band exceeds at creating a piss & vinegar loathing that maintains its ferocity from start to finish. I love grind, but this album is so relentless, I have to break it into safe doses in order to cope. I mean you wouldn't drink a bottle of ever clear straight and expect to feel good afterwards and the same holds true for listening to Kill the Client.

Some of the highlights on "Set for Extinction" include the aforementioned opener, "No Leaders", the pulverizing epic "Pandemic" (in relative terms, is a whopping two minutes and some change), and the circle pit-inducing "The Walking Dead". Kill the Client is a band that caters to no one other than the few and the true grinders out there who expect to be run over, obliterated, and blown to smithereens. Set for Extinction exemplifies the notion. You've been warned!