“SeroLogiikal Scars (Vertex of Dementiia)”

by Dr. Abner Mality

OK, after a whiile the double “ii” thiing gets kiinda old but it really starts to rub off on you! But every band needs a giimiick and that’s the one Khtoniik Cerviiks uses.
These German madmen blew my mind away last year with their tape “Heptadrone”…one of the most fascinating releases of 2014. So I was eagerly awaiting to see what they’d do with an official full-length. Well, with “SeroLogiikal Scars”, we have our answer and KC does not disappoint.

I really believe these guys will be a huge name to reckon with in the metal underground. Imagine classic old school Voi Vod mixed with the greatness of Coroner and then given a boost of modern tech-death. That would come close to describing the labyrinthine insanity of Khtoniik Cerviiks. This record is a blast of hyperaccelerated gamma rays from the get go! The band is incredibly tight and assaults you with a never-ending explosion of twisting riffs and unpredictable timechanges. But although the technical prowess is unquestionable, don’t confuse it with modernistic crap like Rings of Saturn. The production and overall sound is resolutely oldschool. As the crazy pseudo-scientific song titles and lyrics might indicate, these guys are of the sci-fi persuasion and Vektor can be used as another point of reference. While the influences are easy to pick up, KC do have their own sound.

Every cut here with the possible exception of the brief ambient “Voiidwarp” has its highpoints. I thought that “Cranial Leftoverture” was too long for its own good, but it reflects the KC approach…starting with lightspeed aggression, turning towards a kind of spacy dissonance and finally ending with doomier chords. My personal favorite is “Biinary Epitome”…just marvel at the beautiful construction of this song. Like an alien spacecraft constructed by a superior but very weird species…
I hiighly recommend Khtonik Cerviiks and “SeroLogikal Scars”…they miight be the next biig thiing!