By Dr. Abner Mality

Well, isn’t this the breeziest little jaunt through the festering depths of a dismal human hell? I thought Drug Honkey had produced the most negative blast of doom-drenched noise this year, but “Governance” crushes all in its path with a trudging, brain-numbing juggernaut of industrial doom.  At certain points, this may very well be the heaviest thing I have ever heard.

Khost hail from Birmingham, England, a town known for its decay and soulless industrial ambience. These guys have distilled every drop of that into this album, which full of ultra low frequency synth tones, layers of creepy vocals and an impenetrable cloak of clanks, groans and metallic thunder. However, many songs here possess a kind of Middle Eastern feeling and melody that somewhat relieves the industrial noise. “Low Oxygen Silo” is doomy and low tuned beyond comprehension and basically sucks the life right out of you. “Demenized” is a raging blast of industrial death featuring guest vocals from Oxbow’s Eugene Robinson.

This is absolute overwhelming and soul-engulfing. Listening to it all at once would be a Herculean task. If music can get any bleaker and heavier than this, I don’t think I can take it!