"Wisdom of  Centuries"

by Octopi Mills

Khors is a Ukrainian project consisting of former members of Hate Forest and Drudkh, and this is cited as being their fifth full length release, which will be available through the label known as Candlelight Records. The first song is instrumental, and difficult to describe, though not leaving a strong emotion. The music seems to be a modern black metal overall, and I immediately recognize it as being something predictable, though perhaps I am wrong.

The length of the second track takes its toll on me and by the time I have made it to the interest of the big change in the piece, i am somewhat uninterested in the style of music presented here-it is not that the musicians here do not have talent, as i often say, but that they have become too qualified at almost all times and in almost all cultures, or it could be that I simply cannot appreciate it for the disease of the vocalist, though i must confess that the song has some decent moments like the primitive style drumming and calm flow towards the end. This is a common theme that is often replayed to me and mirrored in the whole length of many  recordings,  being uninteresting to me and having moments that are somewhat interesting at times. As far as sound and balance in production, it is good, indeed-but, to be frank, I am not here to talk about production values or get on rants about such other preferences or the industry standards of such...the guitars hammer around here and there and at times sparkle as gay as dust devils, and there is an epic feeling contemplated, and hollered and drawled with themes of paganism, and the feel is intimated to my own ignorance by the universal language by  the music, of course...The theme also comes through in the use of "ethnic" instruments, and even somewhat in the standard effect of keyboards or synths,which one so often hears as a mandatory expressive force for this sort of music.

I find myself enjoying the ringing strings of the fifth track, with its drop offs and dark, lazy- forest mood-By the sixth, which is the title track, I am like a senile old woman who is disturbed by the beat of the drums which open up for some really good, dark string picking and whispering voice...the song has a good atmosphere to it, and begins to feel powerful....a crow calls from somewhere in the ambiance, and all vocals like this remind me of the same thing that detracts and feels forced in many other extreme metal projects...the song is one of the best thus far.There are guitar parts that aim to hammer and blast with the music in outbursts of fury, and then mixed with moments of calm and atmosphere, and this seems to be where the music excels.

Though this is not a favorite nor even something i find enjoyable myself, the good news is it will probably appeal to the listeners of Drudkh, for instance, and is more atmospheric metal, though there are many other words that are left out in that description.