By Dr. Abner Mality

There’s a certain kind of black metal fan that likes things really weird and spacy. That’s the target audience of KHORA, who play a “cosmic” kind of black metal that owes a lot to BLUT AUS NORD and LIMBONIC ART and even the earlier days of DIMMU BORGIR. That audience might find “Timaeus” to be a worthy investment...the more traditional black metal likely will not.

First things, first. I absolutely love the cover on this could have graced any sci fi paperback of the 70’s with its portrayal of 3 weird god-like characters. Full marks for the art. As to the music, right away we note that KHORA is using a really wavery, effects-drenched guitar sound. Not really all that heavy, this is meant to suggest a more ethereal, celestial vibe. You’ll either like it or hate it, there’s not much room in the middle. This guitar sound appears throughout the album and forms the backbone of KHORA’s sound. There’s also TONS of synth/keyboard work to further drench the music in layers of cosmic sound...this is where the resemblance to LIMBONIC and DIMMU comes in. Drums are a furious clacking and vocals are mostly on the harsh side, although they can sidetrack into weird moaning sounds and clean tones rather like ICS Vortex.

The record gets progressively weirder, reaching its apex on “The Occultation of Time”, which tries hard to match BLUT AUS NORD’s strangeness but falls short. Very few can match that band in full flight. The record ends with a pretty lackluster and shoegazy “Void”.

You probably have a pretty good idea by now if KHORA’s experimentation is up your alley or not. I’m almost there, but there’s a lack of general heaviness that keeps me from endorsing it fully. They are trying hard to reach a certain plateau, but aren’t ready for it yet.