"Til Endes"

By Dr. Abner Mality

You won't know just when it will happen, but you can be sure that at some point, Khold will rise from their frozen tombs like the ghosts of winters past. Six years after their last offering, that time has come again...and Khold have delivered an absolute masterpiece with "Til Endes".

This band is so grim, groovy and dark, they are impossible to resist. Their method is pure simplicity and they stick to it with iron resolve. Guitars, bass, drums and vocals that sound like the Scandinavian winter brought to life and given human form. Mid-paced driving riffs that occasionally speed up to a powerful gallop or perhaps give way to an ice cold melodic chill. It's so direct and so effective. On "Til Endes", Khold unleashes the best riffs of their career and that's saying something. It starts with the raw gloom of "Myr" and doesn't let up for the rest of the album. "Skogens uye" has a lot of the old Hellhammer/Celtic Frost catchiness to it but still coming across as pure Khold. A great favorite is "Dommens Arme"...when this song switches from a dark and catchy plod to a fast and driving sprint, your neck will snap like a twig. I thought it sounded a little's actually a cover of Sepultura's "Troops of Doom", twisted and refocused through Khold's own lens. Killer cover!

Few bands understand primal metal like Khold. They don't seem to be seeking mass popularity but they really deserve a much bigger profile than they've had so far. "Til Endes" is a record of universal Northern spirit that probably even a Hawaiian islander can understand.