“Trinity of Falsehood”

by Thor

Sacramento, California’s The Kennedy Veil returns with their Unique Leader debut, “Trinity of Falsehood”.

TKV plays American tech-death similar to some of the bands that rose to prominence 10 or 15 years ago—Deeds of Flesh, Hate Eternal, Decrepit Birth, Origin, etc.  This was before mosh pits became interpretive karate demonstrations and every song featured a requisite breakdown during which the guitarists and vocalists alike perfect a choreographed hybrid of head banging, sumo wrestling stances, and ballet…before the suffix “-core” was misapplied to everything.

Lucky for us, though, TKV’s approaches to both song writing and album production are nearly identical to that of those aforementioned bands and, as such, my opinion of “Trinity of Falsehood” is on par with my thoughts on those bands’ recent offerings—it’s a really good album if not totally my cup of tea.

TKV’s baseline tempo is fast and while they proclaim themselves to be “anti-breakdown,” they do incorporate plenty of conventional groove—quite a bit more than some of their peers do, in fact, which I quite like.  They also utilize melodic passages pretty often, which aren’t my preference when it comes to ultra-aggressive music, but at least they do it well.  Vocally, the band emphasizes a midrange guttural style that’s highly articulated while the backup vocals are of the gang variety taking a page from the days when crossover thrash was king.

There are a couple tracks on “Trinity of Falsehood” that eschew melody and remain heavy and aggressive throughout including the opener, “Ad Noctum” and the tech-pulverizer, “Beneath the Shroud of Atonement”.  Those are the strengths of this album for me.

In general though, the album is highly polished tech-death laced up with large doses of melody and in that regard it’s very well done.  Doubtless, if this is “your thing” then “Trinity of Falsehood” is sure to please.  But if you prefer your metal to be a little more raw and brutal there might be a bit too much meat on this bone.