KEN mode


By Lord Randall

No specific reason, aside from maybe their being from Canada (“our Eskimo neighbors to the South”, as I learned in Talking To Americans), but I hadn’t heard a single note of KEN mode’s music until this moment, and I have to say I feel let down. Immensely. Tremendously. Oh, and fuck you to everyone who never told me how kickass this band actually is. Take CAR BOMB/ANTIGAMA’s incendiary OTT attack, blend it with the almighty BOTCH’s sense of melody within mayhem, and you have a jump-off point here. ‘No; I’m In Control’ is a sock full of toonies to the temple, even adding a bit of old-school hardcore spoken word before the shit falls down all around you like a collapsing building, recalling ROLLINS BAND (yeah, I said it) at it’s most devastating. Ever been gobsmacked by quiet? Like, that moment where your speeding car hits the guardrail and you go through the window – flying, for a moment? That silence, that is exactly what happens in ‘Romeo Must Never Know’, fluid and dark, hypnotic yet visceral as all Hell.

‘Daedon’ brings the downtuned stomp, welding it to washes of PELICAN-styled guitar, and, to be honest, I can’t think of a single thing that could’ve been done better throughout "Entrench" as a whole. There’s something here for the slide-rule indie-er than thou post-hardcore crowd, something for the breakdown brigade, and something that is entirely and wholly KEN mode.

This is the real deal, and again, fuck you all for not letting me know sooner.