By Theron Moore

Blackened, Norwegian metal.  “Nuff said!  It’s melodic, thrashy and symphonic when called for.  I had to listen to this record a few times when it finally dawned on me that “The Keep” don’t follow the traditional rules of this style of metal allowing them to sway inside and out of said boundaries with interesting results, witness their last record “Reptilian.”

“Epistemology” was honestly a head scratcher at first.  I wasn’t sold on track two which had a different sound so I couldn’t connect with it after the minute and fifteen second intro to the record but quickly got on board for track three, “Dark Divinity.”  Track four “The Grand Design” was a good buildup to track five, the completely epic “Necropolis” with its Slayer-ish guitar sound and now, middle of the record, the band finally starts swinging the musical wrecking ball hitting everything in its path.  At this point the black metal fury of Keep of Kalessin gets unleashed.

If there is any criticism of this record it’d be simply what I stated before...that it took a few songs to build momentum and have “Epistemology” really take off and when it did, it didn’t disappoint, it was pretty damn good.  After it’s all said and done I do think this is a good follow up to “Reptilian” and fans won’t be let down.  Buy the record.