"Read Your Enemy"

By Rusty Coffinnails

It's hard to imagine that a country that's known for some of the safest boxy cars on the road, meatballs, death metal and ABBA is also the breeding grounds for such brutal forces like KAYSER. The country in question is Sweden, and KAYSER is not your typical Swedish death metal band. KAYSER is a thrash band formed in 2004 that might just redefine thrash metal as we know it.

"Read Your Enemy" is 12 tracks of relentless power house thrash metal. The first track "Bark and Bow" starts with mid tempo wailing guitars with a bit of a sludgy slow yet epic feel to it, but at about the 1 min mark you will be pummeled by pounding drum blasts, chugging guitars with aggressive vocals; at this point if you ain't banging your head you should get to a doctor because you are either deaf or dead.

The entire album is a hard hitting piece of work performed by 5 angry and highly talented Swedish guys who have somthing to say loud and in your face. They have described themselves as a mutation of Black Sabbath/Megadeath/Slayer with dips from different good bowls of classic and modern metal. And they definitely deliver on what they claim. Keeping true to thrash metal ,their songs are songs are somewhat short and to the point but not blindingly fast. They seem to have split the difference between all out blinding speed and a traditional rock's pace that is a bit slower but allows for the showcasing of their abilities as musicians.

The title track "Read Your Enemy" hits like 1000 tons of cold steel and drives this album it to the halls of greatness. With an aggressive guitar tone and ground shaking drum blasts that will raise the bar on thrash metal for future generations to come. The lyrics are clean and easily understood yet have that certain raspiness to them that just oozes anger with a slap of hostility. It's really good stuff!!!

All and all this album is a solid piece of work and deserves to be noticed. It is quite obvious these guys put a lot of time and effort into their craft. The fluidness of this album is one of the things that stood out to me, the tracks flow together in a way that works, not in a one long song way but in a way that you know some time and thought went into it. It keeps your attention.

On a side note the name of this band intrigued me so I did a bit of looking in to the name Kayser. What I found was quite interesting although I don't know if this was their inspiration or not. Kayser is a unit of wavenumber in the CGS system (I don't know what that hell it means but it sounds cool) named after Heinrich Kayser. As it turns out Heinrich Kayser was a German physicist. Kayser's early work was concerned with the characteristics of ACOUSTIC WAVES. Like I said ,I don't know if this is true but it seems to fit.

KAYSER will make a nice addition to anyone's collection if you dig thrash or not.