By Dr. Abner Mality

The heroes of Greece return to action and this time they are burning with fire!  The Greek black metal scene has produced some great bands, but I think Kawir is the truest and most dedicated of them all. I mentioned in my review of their last album “Father Sun, Mother Moon” that they sound just like a band that has come forward in time from the days of Troy to pick up modern instruments and play timeless music.

On “Exilasmos”, the textures are simpler and the anger is higher. This is a much more direct album that its predecessor and the emphasis is on speed and powerful, simple riffs. You might think that “Lykaon” is too simple on first listen, but it sticks in your mind. All these tracks stick in your mind. Simple does not mean simple-minded and just because Kawir is pursuing a more stripped down approach, that doesn’t mean the songs aren’t as good. “Oedipus” and “Tantalus” have the aggression of classic 90’s black metal, but there’s that Mediterranean touch that hovers over the music. As the album continues, it does become more epic, as “Agammenon” and “Thyestia Deipna” attest, and the band adds classical Greek instruments to add a folk touch. But even this is brash and bigger than life. The album concludes with the ripping “Orestes” and you realize you’ve been listening carefully to this whole album, which has been mapped out like one of Agammenon’s own campaigns.

The more I hear Kawir, the more I like them. They’re the best black metal band in Greece and one of the best in Europe, period. Give praise to the ancient Gods!