“Father Sun, Mother Moon”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The mythology and imagery of ancient Greece has always been close to my heart. Probably my first experience watching “Jason and the Argonauts” lighted the passion in me, one which was inflamed by later books like “Bulfinch’s Mythology” and “Gods, Monsters and Men”.  Now we have a band from Greece by the name of Kawir who also live and breathe those stories of ancient gods and heroes and who use their brand of metal to bring the feelings of elder days to life.

“Father Sun, Mother Moon” is such an honest and heartfelt tribute to ancient Greece that one can easily overlook its imperfections. In every note here, you can sense how dedicated these guys are to their homeland and tradition. This is a black metal album but in many ways, it sounds like something that has come through 3000 years of time to the modern day…ancient songs of worship played on modern instruments, although you will also hear the flute, the lyre and other instruments of a time long ago. This might be more properly called folk metal instead of black metal, but the distinction is too fine to really matter.

Kawir’s songs are often too long and sometimes come across as monotonous,but the ancient feeling prevails and causes your mind’s eye to rush back across the centuries. The music is fast and catchy, with shrieking raw vocals that sound like they come from an old Greek shaman deep in a trance. Four songs are dedicated to the masculine power of the sun, the other four to the cool light of the feminine. “Hercules Enraged” is a great example of a well-written pagan metal epic full of majestic power chords, while the long, droning “Descent of Persephone” is full of doom and foreboding just like a real trip to the underworld. There is a lack of artifice here and a kind of raw honesty which overcomes complaints about the music itself.

These guys have been around a long time, but this is my first go-around with them. They actually sound just the way a 3000 year old Greek pagan metal band should!