"Waiting For The End To Come"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Another year, another Kataklysm album. The Quebecers are nothing if not predictable...that's what seems to be the problem. The albums of the last decade seem pieced together in an assembly line, merely minor variations on a theme. "Waiting For The End To Come" continues the string, but at least this time, they have dialed back the slick production and significantly upped the extremity factor.

This effot is markedly rawer and less polished than the likes of "Heaven's Venom" and "Prevail". That will be welcome news to many of their older fans, if said fans have not already departed for more underground sounding death metal. The speed has also increased and I cannot say aggression is lacking in tunes such as "Empire of Dirt" and "Like Animals". But the songwriting is where a band lives and dies and with Kataklysm, it's really more of the same. Three and a half minute to four and a half minute tunes that inhabit a kind of grey area between Devil Driver and Dying Fetus. More brutal than the former, more commercial and easier to swallow than the latter. I like the way this album kicks off..."Fire" whips itself into quite a frenzy and it's easy to spot that rawness I spoke of earlier. The whole first half of the release is not bad at all, with "Kill The Elite" and "Under Lawless Skies" standing out.  After that, though, the blandness starts to return and you get the feeling you've heard it all before because, frankly, you have. "Real Blood, Real Scars" is so generic, it could just be titled "Typical Kataklysm Groove Metal Song". Come on, J.F., I know you can come up with better than this!

As with almost all recent Kataklysm albums with the exception of "Prevail" which was truly abysmal, this is not bad. But it's nothing different, nothing's just put out because it's time for a new Kataklysm album. There was a time when these guys were capable of much more than that.