"Coverin' Thoughts"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Italy's Bakerteam Records seems to be on a crusade to prove the worth of the Italian metal scene and they are doing quite a good job of it. Italy has long been a kind of laughing stock of the Euro metal scene, but those days are coming to an end thanks to this label. All of Bakerteam's efforts are well produced and packaged and even the failures are interesting. Karnya is no failure. This is a band with breakout potential.

Right off the bat, I will warn you away from this band if you like filthy, crusty stuff. This is melodic metal of a very high degree, featuring an incredible vocalist in Riccardo Nardocci. The band is not blindingly original and they have plenty of influence from the usual suspects like Dream Theater and Queensryche. But there are also some 70's prog traces and even a slight industrial feel to some of the songs. Best way I can describe this record is pure, classy metal. They can really bring the hammer down with fast tracks like "Flooding Blood" and "Stronger" and they can also create incredibly effective ballads like "Fallen Angel". This last song is amazing and surely equals anything that Queensryche has ever done, especially  Nardocci's very emotional and heartfelt vocals. This man has got a very dynamic voice and no trace of an accent. The band is metal, but not afraid of orchestration or melody.

They only fall down with the bloated 15 minute epic "A Paraphreniac Menticide", which is as pretentious as it sounds. They try to throw everything possible into this monster and it just doesn't work. It sounds like a collection of bits from other songs welded together in a haphazard way. There are some cool bits and Nardocci's lead guitar work measures up to his vocals, but they just bit off more than they could chew with this one.

This is a real name to reckon with when it comes to progressive metal and I give it a n Ebert-style thumbs up. Bakerteam strikes again!