"In a Perfect World"

 by Dark Starr

Karmakanic’s latest release is a killer progressive rock album that combines a lot of sounds into something that’s quite unique. No matter what period of progressive rock appeals most to a given listener, something here will be sure to please. You'd be hard pressed to find any prog fan who wouldn't enjoy the mammoth opening cut "1969", which is a lengthy jam combining aspects of Yes and The Flower Kings.  Of course, since this is essentially a Flower Kings spin-off, comparisons to that group are obvious – and appropriate, but this group stands on its own. "Turn It Up" has a modern sound to it  and "Can't Take It With You" integrates some delightful Latin, almost Samba sounds into its standard prog framework. That's the sort of touch that separates Karmakanic from the pack. The last track "When Fear Came To Town" is another change of pace, but with its mostly acoustic approach, it may disappoint those looking for something in a rockier or heavier vein.

It's a very strong package of varied, modern progressive rock. There’s a bonus video here that will play on computers, but that’s just icing on the cake because this disc is very strong. If there’s an issue with it, it’s the inclusion of the bonus track, a reworking of "Turn It Up". It’s not bad, just redundant.