"Raw Nights"

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you name your band after the legendary KING of horror, you've got my interest but you've also got a lot to live up to. Is this German band worthy of the KARLOFF name?

I'm not 100% sure they do, but on their debut mini-album "Raw Nights", they dish out some simple and effective horror-influenced punk/thrash to keep you reasonably entertained. Their plan is basic and they stick to it. They hammer out short, violent and catchy tunes that sound a lot like early MISFITS crossed with "death n' roll" era ENTOMBED (around the time of "Wolverine Blues"). And that's it. They don't go overboard with samples, sound effects and clever tricks, they just come at you with fast, unvarnished horror punk.

By the end of this short effort, the tracks were starting to sound very much the same, so the mini-album format was definitely the best choice this time around.  Choice cuts for me would be "I Like Blood", "Kill The Masters" and "Tonight or Never". But really the variance between all of the tracks is minimal. For a full length album, KARLOFF will have to mix things up a bit, but on "Raw Nights", they do exactly what they set out to. As the REAL Karloff might say, "raw good!".