"Eye for an Eye"

By Octopi Mills

Kimi Karki's previous release, "The Bone of My Bones" is something we still listen to at the Octopi Mills household and was well received by myself with much praise in the form of a glowing review followed by a good conversation in the form of an interview. When I was made aware I would get to review "Eye for an Eye" I met the occasion with great anticipation, and had awaited a new release for many years now. It is here that I tried to avoid the first few dreadful songs and maybe tell myself I was in a bad mood. But alas, I cannot lie...

The usual sound is there and has not changed much, but the feeling is weak; and that is putting it very nicely. Whereas the last release had moments of light and shade, there is a gray here that hangs oppressively, and not in a good way of any kind. Guest male vocals ruin the broth, songs and lyrics take me nowhere in the way they did before, and it seems to be if not half-hearted, then certainly very dull and banal. Mediocrity is one of the worst things to be faced in this field, and it comes out here is such a lack luster way as to make the songs un-listenable and flat; like staring into the eyes of a dead mackerel that has floated from seas afar and into my beloved ports. 

Gray, moody, sad; these are all things that can be good in music at times but the execution of the songs are weak and nearly useless when one thinks of what this man could have accomplished, and I know it is not a lack of talent here. Where the music could have been something it is then ruined by a vocal line or floats around itself and bumbles inanely. The sound and feel is there and at times the music is there, but the song craft itself fails to be anything great or even good. I am sad to pen such words, but it is truer to my experience than I would have wished. This release comes as a huge disappointment when it could have been something so much more. I will still hold on the previous album as great songwriter music, though, and this one will fall by the wayside and be forgotten somehow.