“Kansakunnan Ylpeys”

By Dr. Abner Mality

God only knows what the name of this Finnish trio means. I don’t know what a single word on this record is, with the exception of the title of song #6, “Gent”. This thing is Finnish only and it is one jaw-breaking, vowel-full language. However, music is a universal language and K.Y. (my fingers refuse to type the whole name again) is an excursion into raw, simplistic noise rock.

These nine tunes are overflowing with skronky guitar dissonance, Neanderthal bass lines and shouted Finnish gibberish. The metal content is non-existent, but if you love harsh guitar, you might be able to endure it. The riffs and rhythms are basic almost to the point of stupidity and they are beaten into your skull like a tent peg into moist dirt. There is a perverse brutish catchiness to the likes of “Nuolen Katua” and the previously mentioned gent. A tortured saxophone even makes its way into “Tapaa Hyonteisia” and battles the squalling guitar for your attention. As far as sheer noise goes, the band’s title track pushes it to the limit.

If you dig bands like Cherubs, Killdozer and even Sonic Youth, you might want to give these cacophonous, stripped down Finns a try!