"Facing the Imminent Prospect of Death"

By Dr. Abner Mality

It wasn't that long ago that Hatesphere graced us with their latest effort, "The Great Bludgeoning". Hot on the heels of that bruiser comes The Kandidate, spearheaded by former Hatesphere frontman Jacob Bredahl. And it doesn't yield an inch of ground to its predecessor.

The Kandidate play what I like to call "thug metal" (like we need another sub-genre), which is pretty much characterized by simple, pure brutality with a desire to kill. These guys have that desire in abundance and "Facing The Imminent Prospect of Death" is like a 31 minute massage with a sledgehammer. No progression, no technical bullshit, just pure groove and thunder. Nobody's gonna pick this record for a best of 2011 list but that don't mean it isn't any good. Bredahl and his boys keep things raw, simple and flowing quickly...almost every song has one great riff to it.  "Total War" (not to be confused with the Warbringer classic) kicks into gear with some, "Standing On the Cliffs Of Madness" is an outstanding thrash/groove monster and "Fucked In the Search For Life" is as mean as its title suggests. Things slow down for the death metal crawl of "Let The Maggots Have It" but the pace is generally fast and Bredahl sounds royally pissed throughout.

A couple of tracks like "Death" and "One And Alone" are kind of throwaway but The Kandidate delivers the goods here and I'll bet they are one hell of a band live. Looks like Bredahl's split from Hatesphere has given us the bonus of two good bands instead of just one!