"Aberration of Man"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Releases like this are the hardest to review. I can't really rip on Kamikabe because "Aberration of Man" is well-played and well-thought out within its genre. But I can't bring myself to praise it too much either, because in 6 months it will be forgotten like most of its ilk. It is "brutal" death metal (which somehow has become different from "regular" death metal...go figure) with extreme velocity, technicality and the same vocals that every other platter of its kind sports. But label Unique Leader at least picks the better examples of this monotone genre and gives them good promotion and packaging. There are other "brutal" labels with far worse bands, which I shall not mention in the interests of discretion (I don't know what's come over me!).

This is what you've heard before from similar bands and labels but some moments perk your ears up and provide a whiff of promise. The song "The Process Within" just absolutely splits atoms with its ferocity and even has a "skank" section that reminds me of prime Napalm Death. Any band capable of delivering such a track has the potential of being something. The album ending "Ungoliant" is a surprising instrumental with a doomy pace, twin guitar melodies and strong hooks. Along with acoustic bits (brilliantly called "Introduction" and "Interlude"), this shows Kamikabe at least understands the concept of pacing, which many "brutal" bands ignore.

The rest of the album is full of typical tech-slam workouts, with a lot of "zip-a-zip-zooo" guitar solos, machine-gun drumming delivred in mechanical style and the occasional slower beatdown. It's nothing that will stick in one's head, but it helps provide a pretty painless 30 minutes or so of hyper-aggressive DM if you're in the mood. A foundation to hopefully build on...