"Doctrination of Atisamdha"

By Dr. Abner Mality

They like their death metal fast and brutal in Indonesia. The Asian nation is becoming known as a hotbed of extremity, producing many bands along the lines of KALIGULA.  This band is faster than a pastor leaving a whorehouse and compares with American acts like DEICIDE and PYREXIA. The trouble with "Doctrination of Atisamdha", as with many Indonesian bands, is that their songs are pretty much interchangeable and one band is much the same as another. 

I will say that these guys are better than most "slam" death metal. They are more precise and the playing here is intense. Also, they keep their songs under 4 minutes in length, which is a boon when it comes to screaming cyclonic overkill such as this. They occasionally show signs that they can play with melody...the opening to "Candela" and "Ati Samdha" provides some welcome relief before hell is unleashed and the final track "Titik Nadir" is entirely laidback jazz metal like the mellower CYNIC. But make no mistake, these guys are out for blood on almost every track, with a sound that owes more to New York style death metal that the usual Swedish or INCANTATION-like sounds.

For me, though, the Indonesian bands are kind of faceless despite their intensity...or maybe because of it. If you miss this record, you can pick up something else from that scene and not miss much.