JYOTISAVEDANGA “Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum” 

CAVEMAN CULT ‘Supremacia Primordial” EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

Larval Productions is a label that seems to specialize in the most extreme 10% of the 1% of extreme metal…complete and total war metal. Here are two of their bands that come from opposite ends of the time spectrum: one rooted in the far future, the other in the primeval past.

Jyotisavedanga is some kind of term from Hindu astrology and the band behind the tongue-twisting monicker hails from both India and Russia. As you might guess from the title, the band’s concepts are drawn from astrophysics and cosmic phenomena. Not that you will be able to decipher much of that from their music. Most is utterly blasting, annihilating war metal with an endless barrage of “RAAAHRAAHRAAH” type vocals that don’t even sound human, much less coherent. If you’re looking for white noise insanity, Jyotisavedanga is your ticket. There are stretches of electronic ambience…the opening cut is distorted vocals over the sound of a spatial vacuum. Most interesting is last track “Imploding Linear Fusion Propulsion”, which mixes those space electronics with a sick doomy grind, But most of what is here is only for those hardy souls who can take complete overkill.

Caveman Cult doesn’t bother with the electronics or fifty-dollar words. True to their  name, the Florida based band just unleashes primitive, knuckle-dragging war metal. Since their offering is an EP, it comes across more direct and less exhausting than Jyotisavedanga’s offering. These guys just want to fucking kill you. I detected a slightly…SLIGHTLY…more riff-based approach from the cavemen and in my book, that always works better. You’re gonna get your brains bashed with either of these war machines, but Caveman Cult does not overstay its welcome.