By Dr. Abner Mality

Brazil’s JUPITERIAN is well named, their doom metal is as massive as a gas giant. This is my second.  encounter with this unusual sludgy band from the land of disappearing jungles. They’ve maintained much the same ponderous sound they had on “Terraforming” but tweaked it just enough so this album is not a blatant copy.

This is a band for serious doom metal fans. Those looking for grooving stoner rock or BLACK SABBATH cloning can keep looking. The pace runs from tank-like chug to almost glacial funeral plod and each tune has layers of atmosphere to it. “Homecoming” is a tense intro with almost symphonic overtones, leading into first proper track “Mere Humans” where morbid guitar arpeggios give the doom a death metal sheen. If JUPITERIAN reminds me of any band, it’s the nautical funeral doom masters AHAB. The deep roaring vocals sound like they come from the depths of the ocean. “Grinding” is the best way to describe “Voidborn”, which has a sound like two continents crunching into each other. It’s a jarring track that will challenge most listeners.

With “Capricorn”, the band have created their masterpiece, just a massive rumbling beast that propels itself forward with an irresistible groove. This one I could listen to 50 times in a row, it’s that good. “Starless” kicks off with a cool riff but soon becomes wildly dissonant, almost to ULCERATE levels, which doesn’t particularly agree with me. “Earthling Bloodline” ends the album with another song that has strong overtones of AHAB. It’s also the longest track, with some sorrowful guitar melodies.

Much like they did on previous album “Terraforming”, JUPITERIAN keeps shifting style and approach while still remaining doomy and heavy. At some points it kind of loses me, but once again this band has come up with something worth investigating for fans of the massive and ponderous.