"Bring The Meat Back"

By Rusty Coffinnails

South Africa's Juggernaught is described as "Man Rock" and with song titles such as "Bring The Meat Back", "Beef or Chicken", "Booty Call" one can understand why. The first track is "Bad Idea". It starts off with a promising sound and after the first minute and a half  it spirals downward to an annoying unregular beat with a singer that sounds a bit like Adam Sandler.

Now I can not say the entire album was a loss, the 2nd track titled "Train" is good stuff that has a nice beat, good guitars, and the lyrics are a bit dark (the way I like it) and everything came together and worked. If they could have worked out a sound and style from this song and built from that they would have been a force to be reckoned with.
It took several attempts to listen to this album in its entirety, due to my self preservation instinct. With the title track "Bring The Meat Back" I could not help but get thoughts of a late 70s velvet lounge where a no name bad plays tired old stuff for tip money and the jar is empty.They seem to use a Funk/Blues mishmash that could work yet  this attempt at it is somewhat clumsy and hard to "get into".

I will say that they are a very unique band and that they have nailed "Man Rock"  Unrefined, ugly, simple and disorganized... It's a guy thing. Sex and food  how can they miss? After all it might be just what they are after.