"He Saw It Comin’"

By Professor Jocko

Jack Russell’s Great White…which in my opinion is still just Great White, because Jack Russell IS Great White! It was Kierkegaard who once said to “Face the facts of being what you are, for that is what changes what you are.” What I conclude by this statement is He Saw It Comin’ has the elements of the best of classic Great White but with diversity, vibe and an alternate edge to it, which draws from their '60s and '70s roots in more of contemporary way.

It’s not that the other past members didn’t contribute to the chemistry they once had, it’s just that none of them have done anything dynamic to become memorable musicians, or anything notorious as rock stars. However, the new line-up features former Great White bassist-turned-guitarist Tony Montana as a guitar player and keyboardist. This all-star cast continues with Dicki Fliszar (Bruce Dickinson) on drums. Dan McNay (Montrose) on bass, and Robby Lochner (Fight) on guitar.  

The album opens up with a song called “Sign Of The Times” which is undeniably the fluid voice of Jack Russell, who is perhaps one of the most underrated vocalists in modern rock history. Although Great White has made their mark as a top seller in the past with album sales, videos, tours and merchandise, never received the acclaim of legendary status as they so much deserved. Russell has been often favorably compared to Robert Plant for his beautiful, melodic voice, and has once again proven that his writing ability and unique vocal talent are just as strong as they’ve ever been. 

One of the notable features of this particular LP is that each song seems to capture unique qualities that separate them from one another; there are changes in melodies and rhythms, which reinforce the diversities in the style of each track. When you listen to each consecutive song, you’ll be quickly impressed with these differences. “She Moves Me” has a very strong bass line, which is very fluid and mesmerizing, where the song “Crazy” has much more of a pop influence to it with catchy hooks in the music and memorable chorus parts with the vocals. 

Although 80’s rock bands seemed to capitalize on some well-known power ballads; Great White being one of them, have seemed to come full circle with them again. This time, it’s not for popular radio play, or a video spot on MTV, but to show emotion and send a meaningful message. Regardless of the reason, “Anything For You” is that particular track, which also showcases Jack Russell’s vocal prowess. The album title track is probably one of the more powerful songs, once you get past the audio intro, which is interesting at first, but quickly becomes a nuisance after you listen to it a few more times.

Another memorable track comes as a result of Robby Lochner’s amazing guitar shredding intro to “Spy Vs Spy”. The rest of the song carries the same energy and speed, but seems to suffer slightly in comparison to such an impressive start; or perhaps it’s the content of the lyrics which tend to become uninteresting as the song winds out. Jack and the boys also take a slight step to the left with a track called “Don't Let Me Go”, which has a Reggae beat to it, adding a feel-good element to the album, perhaps. The last track on the LP is called “Godspeed”, which does showcase the bands amazing ability to harmonize a capella, but does become somewhat tiresome after the first few times. Maybe it’s just because I was hoping that there would be a stronger closing track for the album.