By Dr. Abner Mality

Canada’s ITUS prove you don’t need 15 minute long songs with church bells and choirs to do effective doom metal. These guys do a great job of trimming the fat from their ponderous slabs of doom and keeping the plodding heaviness such music needs. “Primordial” is a brisk 5 song EP where the longest track is 5 minute and 43 seconds but everything is heavier than a coffin filled with concrete.

Most epic doom I’ve heard recently has ambient intros that seem to take forever. ITUS’ first track “Cloud Reader” is less than 3 and a half minutes and it is massively heavy and oppressive, with super thick guitar sound and cathedral-flattening riffs. The vocals range from robotic clean croons that remind me of Jazz from KILLING JOKE mixed with the kind of gargoylian growls you’d find on MY DYING BRIDE or PARADISE LOST.  The remainder of the tunes are reminiscent of that classic English death-doom but at times have the sheer sonic crunch of a CONAN or MOSS.

I’m sure interested in hearing more from this two man outfit. I sure hope they don’t forget the lessons of “Primordial” and give in to needlessly prolonged meandering. This shows they don’t need to do it that way.