“Our Birth is But a Sleep and a Forgetting”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you were to ask me what my favorite style of music is, instrumental psychedelic jam music wouldn’t be in the top ten. That’s what we have here. When I saw the long-winded band name and the even more pretentious album title, an audible groan escaped me…an arduous listening chore seemed in the offing.

I wasn’t really surprised by anything here, but it wasn’t that bad. If I had to listen to something like this, I’m glad it was these guys.  It’s Not Night is a classic power trio drenched in bong smoke and the scent of 70’s acid rock. But they manage to make each of the six tunes here different from each other and they also manage to make it pretty heavy at times. The weirdo intro “Nada Brahma” presents us with a wall of overlapping chants and samples of talk about shamanism and taking trips. Oh boy, here we go. Actually, the first riffs of “The Beard Of Macroprosopus” are so harsh and fuzzed out, they jolted me out of my seat. Wasn’t expecting near Electric Wizard sludge! The long song is actually an intense jam of electric guitar overkill and it kept my attention all the way. It’s also the best song here by a long shot.

“Starry Wisdom” has a similarity to Sleep, but a cleaner, janglier guitar sound that builds into something pretty huge. “Pillars of the Void” drifts a bit too much into hippie-land for my taste but I’ve heard worse. The album ends with “The Black Iron Prison and the Palm Tree”, which I’m sure is bursting with alchemical symbolism beyond my ability to absorb, but it hits overdrive on effects-drenched guitar jamming and climaxes in a LOUD crescendo.

Everything here is pretty much what I expected, but louder and heavier. Next time you contemplate the many beneficial uses of hemp, remember IT’S NOT NIGHT: IT’S SPACE.