By Dr. Abner Mality

Bestial raw black metal filth right here, performed with the subtlety of a chainsaw to the cranium. Iskra apparently have a ton of material out, but that’s news to me. Maybe the fact that they claim to be total anarchists opposed to any form of government including democracy has something to do with that.

The PR describes the band as black metal that is inspired by the rawness of crust punk and grindcore. The description is spot on for once. Black grind metal. This is it. 13 unlucky hymns of buzzsaw destruction like a head-on collision between Marduk/Gorgoroth and grind like Phobia. I believe the vocalist is female but could not prove that supposition without further empirical evidence. Male or female, these shrieks will strip the skin off your back and the bark off your trees. I don’t think much mention of the Devil is made here…song titles such as “Predator Drone MQ-1”, “Thieves of Life” and “Illegal” definitely seem to come more from the angry punk side of things as opposed to “Hail, Satan” stuff. But the coldness and song structure of classic BM is also here and occasionally the band even delivers a moshing thrash riff or two.

It becomes very monolithic and rather monotonous by the end…I think this is an album that would have genuinely benefited from a shorter running time. But Iskra do a pretty remarkable job of keeping the level of insane anger high. This is ripping, relentless and pure.