"Crossover Ministry"

 by Thor

Virginia’s cross over thrash throwbacks Iron Reagan return with a timely 29 minutes of raw, punk-infused thrash metal just in time for the trumpocalypse.

“Crossover Ministry” is a relentless collection of circle pit-inducing riffs coming at you like a runaway train.  The interplay between d-beat speed and straight 4/4 mosh parts yields near-constant power.  In fact, the energy of this album is impressive even relative to the high bar baseline of metal in general.  Packing 18 tracks into less than a half-hour, the songs are generally fast, short bursts of unfiltered rage whether Tony Foresta’s shouting about general disillusionment with life, politics, the system, or his lame neighbors. 

The production of “Crossover Ministry” has a bit more of an edge compared to IxRx’s previous material.  There’s an immediacy realized through a raw approach to the depth and width of the mix.  It creates the illusion that the listener is sitting on the floor in the middle of Iron Reagan’s rehearsal space while these guys shred your face off.  It’s a great translation of the band’s live vibe.

If you dig early Suicidal Tendencies, early D.R.I, and even certain elements of bands like Nuclear Assault and Anthrax then Iron Reagan’s “Crossover Ministry” will tickle your fancy with beer-soaked irreverence and a violent pushback to everything that sucks, and it does so with a tongue implanted in its pissed off cheek.  A great album for preposterous times.