"The Tyranny of Will"

By Sgt Deth

Back with their second full release, these guys are ready to shred your speakers apart. Every one of these 24 songs is a fury of some of the hardest metal you will ever hear, even the 12 second tracks. This is a group like S.O.D. where we have a mix of musicians from other bands that get together for a new sound and to have some fun. Just like S.O.D. this is hardcore and the songs are fairly short, as in true hardcore fashion. The average song length is about a minute and a half. This is a side-project of Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour members, but it does not sound like either band.

It’s actually a good mix of a lot of influences. You will hear punk, mosh, hardcore, and thrash metal throughout. Some songs remind me of old Nuclear Assault such as, “The Living Skull”, or “Rat Shit”, which has those sarcastic sounding vocals along with some break away moshes. Then some songs like, “U Lock the Bike Cop”, will kind of remind you of old Suicidal Tendencies. I hear the influences, but there is much more. The production is off the charts and to make 24 songs all sound so different is amazing.

And that brings me to the very last track, “Four More Years”, which is actually almost exactly 4 minutes long. I love the distortion, it sounds so old school. It is really showcased on this last track. The best thing about this CD is that every track is completely different and there is so many really cool riffs throughout. I can tell they put their heart in to making this special release and they had a lot of fun doing it. Please, everyone encourage these guys and purchase their album, I want them to keep going, unlike S.O.D that just gave up after one release for all those years.