“The Patchwork Gehinnom”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Research reveals that “Gehinnom” actually refers to Gehenna, the cursed valley of the Bible where the Kings of Judah burned children alive as sacrifices to pagan gods. Looked at in that cheerful context, the title makes sense here.

This is Iperyt’s third album but the first one I’ve had experience with. This Polish band dabbles in what could be called industrial black metal…an extremely negative and aggressive form of music combining brutal metal with a wall of electronic sound and samples. They’re not the first band to stick their claw in that infernal pool, but they wind up as one of the more successful ones. They manage to combine various subgenres smoothly to create a seamless but disquieting whole. If you could imagine what Marilyn Manson would be like if he embraced black and death metal wholeheartedly, that would be Iperyt.

Mentioning that name may put some of you off, but give this a try. “Phantom Black Dogs” starts things with a surprisingly mid-paced and grinding assault, with the guitars having a full blooded growl instead of thin and trebly black metal. The loud sampling and sound effects add to the assault but don’t overtake the guitars while the vocals from the aptly named People Hater are about what you’d expect. The album really takes off with fast rippers like “Devil’s Violent Breed” and “Mindtaker” which still have some atmosphere. Catchy industrial style riffs pop up on “Scars Are Still Sexy” and “Primitive Darkness” while the album ends on a more haunting, epic note with “Checkmate, God!”

A couple of tunes come across as filler but “The Patchwork Gehinnom” emerges as a mostly successful excursion into industrial metal darkness.