“Decomposed Sacramentum”

By Dr. Abner Mality

One thing you have to remember about the explosion of South American thrash and death metal bands is that their equivalent of the 1980’s is NOW. For us in the Europe and US, the kind of evil thrash that INVINCIBLE FORCE plays is fun, but kinda old hat. For guys in places like Chile and Uruguay, though, it’s hot stuff. That’s why we get so many bands with the spiked wristbands, claw hands, bullet belts and pentagrams from there.

INVINCIBLE FORCE have been playing this German-influenced thrash for well over 10 years now and they are pretty good at it. The one vital thing they realize is that nothing drags more than a 50 minute thrash album (there are rare exceptions). The album is a weapon that is kept short and sharp, like a stiletto hiding in a boot. If you are into thrash metal that sounds like DESTRUCTION and early KREATOR by way of KRISIUN and SARCOFAGO, this is the place to be. The songs are not particularly memorable, but they kick you in the ass and then quickly get out of the way to let the next blow fall. Songs titles like “Perpetual Black Mass” and “Damned by Noise & Lust” kinda tell you what to expect...bestial black thrash all the way.

Albums like this are like heavy metal wasabi….a brief sting that makes your eyes water, then on to the next course.