"Satan Rebellion Metal"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Getting real tired of this kind of stuff. Years ago, I would have squealed like a little girl after getting something called "Satan Rebellion Metal". Now I have to stifle a yawn. I can stll make time for blasphemous old school death thrash, but it has to be done at the highest level. And Invincible Force just seem tired and run of the mill.

The usual cover of the band doing silly muscleman poses in front of a paper mache inverted cross...and everything sounds like every other Satanic  thrash band, right down to vocals and riffs. Sure, there's some stuff to put a smile on your face here...."Summoning the Black Destruction" and "Onwards To War" are both pretty serviceable, but will even diehard bulletbelt-and-pentagram types remember it in a couple of weeks? Doubtful. The whole thing flies by in a flash.

Fans should demand more from their metal bands. Mediocrity does not suffice. Even Satan would agree.