“The Bidding of Tyrants”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Industrial death/black metal is a pretty specialized subgenre and new names are rare. Invertia is a two man outfit from New England I haven’t heard of before and “The Bidding Of Tyrants” is their entry into the world of mechanized annihilation.

Thankfully, these guys are not in the vein of the abysmal new Aborym album nor do they play the more commercial type of industrial metal ala Combichrist. This is brutal, pounding stuff. Not quite on the earth-splitting level of Anaal Nathrakh, but definitely extreme.  I rather enjoyed this one but am the first to admit that Invertia is not coming up with anything truly immense.

Ten pretty compact songs mixing programmed beats and samples with distorted guitar riffs that blur the line between death and black metal. The vocals are deathly growls throughout so you don’t have to worry about any happy, poppy choruses. The tracks are apocalyptic yet catchy and they don’t overtax your patience. The lyrics are very much anti-authoritarian and focus on the growing dystopia of our times. Nothing new about that, but industrial death is a genre uniquely suited to decrying the horrors of our age. Case in point would be “Dystopiate” as well as the punchy “Thetan Hop” and  raging “Existence Exit”.

I’m betting we could see a real classic in the future from Invertia if they manage to hang on in these soulless times.