By Dr. Abner Mality

A glacier is cold, slow and very, very heavy as it creeps across the landscape. That’s a fine comparison to what Inverloch does musically. The doleful  Australians have returned to the doom/death fray with “Distance/Collapsed” and again they prove they are the true heirs of Disembowelment.

There is something serene and peaceful in the heaviest, slowest music. Throughout the length of “Distance/Collapsed”, Inverloch create this trance-like, glacial feeling.  An experience which leaves me feeling detached and blissful even as a 20 ton weight is crushing me into the floor. Vocals are long, drawn out cyclopean grumbles that don’t bring words to mind as much as pure sounds.There are a few brief flashes of more aggressive death metal riffing on “Lucid Delirium” and “The Empyrean Torment” but not much….just enough to keep you from falling totally into a doomy abyss. Between songs we hear minimalist glacial tones…those of you who have heard the Arctic ambience of Thomas Koner will recognize that style. And much in the style of Disembowelment, there are stark and gloomy single notes that add another layer of sadness to the proceedings. To call this post-metal would grossly underestimate the heaviness of Inverloch, but the comparison is not an idle one.

The tradition of icy death/doom continues with Inverloch and “Distance/Collapsed”. I don’t know how much longer real glaciers will exist so these guys are the next best thing…