By Dr. Abner Mality

Once upon a time, there was a band from Australia called DisEmbowlment. And they rewrote the rules of heavy music in a way few have done before. With one shining LP known as "Dusk", they taught us all how slow and heavy doom metal could be. They also laid the groundwork for what would become known as post-metal when other bands finally caught on to what they were doing. Arguably, no bleaker, darker band had ever trod the Earth. And then they were gone...

Well, Inverloch is as close you're ever gonna get to DisEmbowlment. It's no coincidence, either, because the band actually contains two members of that worthy band. "Dusk/Subside" picks up exactly where "Dusk" left off..."Within Frozen Beauty" starts with disturbing ambience that is low-key and quiet...before a blast beat and a roar from the bowels of Hell make you jump five feet out of your easy chair. Raging death metal soon slows to a dragging, funeral pace that DisEmbowelment was so well-known for and that other bands such as Ahab have picked up on. A mighty crescendo is reached, leading once more to quiet but sinister tones.

This is the Inverloch way and it continues on "The Menin Road" and "Shadows of the Flame", basically making this mini-LP one dark and bestial mega-song. Inverloch will not be the pioneers DisEmbowelment were, but their advent is most welcome...