“Destroyer of Mankind”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Every four or five years, Indiana’s Invasion surfaces to carpet bomb listeners with a new assault of WW2-obsessed death metal. And every record has its own unique sound. I remember “Berserk Artillery Barrage” as being incredibly low fi and savage while “Orchestrated Kill Maneuver”  was definitely inspired by the Swedish masters of old.  With “Destroyer of Mankind”, Invasion have their clearest production yet and the sound leans a bit more towards American and British death metal. 

These soldiers know a neck-snapping hook when they hear one.  There are some awesome catchy riffs on “I Am The Enemy”, “A Satisfying Death” and “Shores of Betio Island”. I’m reminded a lot of prime Master with their approach here. One drawback they have is that I think some songs tend to last too long and outstay their welcome. The title track is a pretty good example….not a bad cut, but it definitely lingering too long.

There’s nothing unique about their WW2 fixation anymore and we get the usual expected samples of bombs, sirens and Uncle Adolf ranting. It gives things a bit of a Bolt Thrower feel. Overall, I’m satisfied with this brutal onslaught of military madness and can recommend it to American death fanatics.