"Orchestrated Kill Maneuver"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Many years back, I picked up the CD "Conquered" by the Indiana thrash band Invasion, was pleasantly surprised by its rough charm and then promptly forgot about the band. Well, not only are they still around, but with "Orchestrated Kill Maneuver", they've blasted back into action like a SCUD missle slamming into a South Korean trawler. This is 100% WAR METAL and it's about as close as any American band is going to get to the classic Swedish death metal sound. Yes, I include Fatalist in that assessment.

I don't remember "Conquered" being as Swedish sounding as this, but the resemblance to bands like Grave and Dismember is impossible to miss here. Invasion strikes with blitzkrieg speed and seldom lets up on the gas starting with "The Devil's Journey" and lasting all the way until we have a "Breach of the Siegfried Line". Yes, this is yet another band obsessed with the mayhem of World War II and while the constant samples of battle noise are old hat, the sheer virulence behind cuts like "Stuka JU-87" and "Firestorm In Dresden" never get old. Sometimes, these guys hit grooves so monstrous that you'd swear a Panzer just ran over your head...I cite "And Three Survived" and "When Trumpets Fade" (the latter with plenty of commentary from Uncle Adolf himself) as proof positive.

Though lacking any kind of originality, Invasion are back with a vengeance on "Orchestrated Kill Maneuver". Anybody into old Grave, Asphyx, Hail of Bullets and the like can enlist immediately.