INTERMENT "Into the Crypts of Blasphemy"

BLASPHERIAN "Infernal Warriors of Death"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The traditionalists of death metal are a hardy breed that stick to their guns with almost fanatical devotion. They are the barbershop quartets of extreme music, clinging to center-parted long hair and studded wristbands like the barbershop boys stick to curly moustaches and straw hats. And like barbershop quartets, the quality of these fiercely unoriginal musicians is what makes them strong and separates them from bland archivists.

Interment from Sweden are a good case in point. These long-running psychopaths are proud to be nothing but pure old Swedish death metal in the classic tradition. Sure, a lot of newer bands are trying their hand at this retro-death, but these guys are true veterans of the scene and have been part of it for a long time. I can't conceive of a more hackneyed album title than "Into the Crypts of Blasphemy" or more moth-eaten song titles than "Eternal Darkness", "Torn From the Grave" and the all-time champ of cliched DM, "Morbid Death". But these guys know their chainsaw guitar sounds, too, as well as the killer mix of doomy, medium and hyper-blasting riffs that makes this music so irresistable. Yes, indeed, there are many bands paying tribute to the Stockholm mayhem of yore, but few do it with as much authenticity as Interment. This is what Carnage would have sounded like if they came up with a follow-up to "Dark Recollections".

Hailing from Texas, Blaspherian are also ultra-faithful to their source of inspiration, early Incantation. A scab-encrusted, corpse-breathed monolith of sick, doomy death metal, these guys may even be better at their particular brand of influence-cloning than Interment. Everything here is a PERFECT recreation of that ancient style of obscure death, down to the rotten-lunged bellows of the vocalist. Although there are moments of blasting here and there, Blaspherian's heart is really in the morbid chug and oozing crawl of prime Incantation and Rottrevore. Mix in a generous dosage of ultra-typical goats, pentagrams, etc and you have a band that just doesn't enjoy their total death worship, they revel in it. To be blunt, "Infernal Warriors of Death" is a great fuckin' album that'll curdle the marrow in your bones.