“Hymns Of The Gods Before”

By Dr. Abner Mality

INSATANITY! Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in more than 20 years. Not much has changed for these guys in that timeframe, because they are still dealing out ultra-fast Satanic death metal in classic Florida style. This is brutality that is definitely in the tradition of DEICIDE and MALEVOLENT CREATION.

Hell, this thing even sounds like it was produced by Scott Burns! Since there hasn’t been an awful lot of this kind of DM recently, a warm glow of hellish nostalgia surrounds this record, which scorches from the get-go. Back in the days when there was a ton of this stuff, I might have not been as agreeable towards it, but now it’s kind of welcome. And INSATANITY does manage to mix up the riffing here enough to keep things from getting real war metal boredom here! “Whose Hand Embalms” starts off with a cranking catchy hook before blazing away, “Cross of Deception” features some crushing doomier riffs and the album’s best song “Eidolon of the Blind” is reminiscent of IMMOLATION at their most majestic. Make no mistake, though...these guys are primarily about the speed and the likes of “Seed of Baal” and “Trail of Terror” are utter Satanic blasts.

The drum sound is the usual clatter and I felt the record could have used more bass in the mix, but for an assault of diabolical Floridian death metal, INSATANITY more than gets the job done.