by Thor

California’s Inherit Disease is a quintessential brutal American death metal band.  They play a style that’s rooted in the early days of ultra-guttural, heavy-as-fuck death metal, circa late-‘90s/early-‘00s and they do it really well.

Inherit Disease’s latest album, “Ephemeral,” is available through Unique Leader and it sounds like what most Unique Leader releases sound like: really good.  Unique Leader has made a reputation for releasing albums by bands whose styles are usually accompanied by lo-fi recordings, sloppy album performances, and cheap packaging, and releasing those bands’ albums in a way that’s exemplary in sound, production, and artwork.  The only downfall with the label is that a lot of their bands play music that needs to be consumed a little at a time in order to enjoy it as opposed to chugged down in one meal, so to speak.  Inherit Disease is no different.

Musically, “Ephemeral” is ultra-heavy brutality from start to finish.  The guitars pummel with palm-muted violence over the top of suffo-blasts and accentuated by ridiculously guttural vocals of the garbage-disposal variety.  Again, this is a kick in the ass for a few tracks at a time, but after a while the lack of dynamics of any sort becomes exhausting and, dare I write, a little boring.  

Conceptually, Inherit Disease comes through with an expected smorgasbord of terrifying song concepts, many of which are made evident by their respective titles.  Tracks such as “Synaptic Reanimation,” “Pixelated Hallucinations,” and “Digested by Invertebrates” shed some light on where “Ephemeral” is coming from.

Again, Inherit Disease’s “Ephemeral” is guttural, brutal American death metal done really well.  Its only limitations and shortcomings are those inherent to the style.  Fans of early Deeds of Flesh, Inveracity, and Severe Torture will eat this up.