"Cold Blood War"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Serbia knows a thing or two about war, cold blooded or not. They can write about it with a bit more experience than the average suburban kid in Rancho Cucamonga. But does the brutality of war still come through in their music?

After checking "Cold Blood War" out,  it won't be for lack of energy and enthusiasm. Not to be confused with the long time hardcore band of the same name, these hellbound Serbs deliver a merciless thrash beatdown with "Cold Blood War". What they do isn't complicated or fancy, but they do it with the intensity of a rabid mongoose. Even "Intro" delivers the goods instead of being the usual acoustic or sound effects build up. This is hard, hammering thrash that combines the hardest of the 80's bands with a more modern thrash sound ala Dew Scented. Killer riffs abound, reaching their apex with the awesome "Terror Lord". This one is sure to lay any pit to waste. Other hammerblows include the near death metal "Among the Fallen Ones" and "Nuclear Warlust".

Admittedly, the band could do with some more variation in attack. Their style is pretty basic. And the bellowing bull vocals are pretty one-note, although they sure have the attitude. But really, "Cold Blood War" is a release where the intensity carries you along like a leaf in a cyclone and drops you in the middle of the desert with bruises and broken bones.