"From All Purity"

By Lord Randall

Chicago’s INDIAN have been shooting flaming arrows (but the flame’s black, natch) of doom-ridden sludge for a good number of years now, From All Purity being their first for the Relapse imprint and fifth overall.

While its predecessor, Guiltless, was solid “enough”, there’s never been much of a draw for me towards the sound of INDIAN as a whole. It’s not that I don’t like the style, doom in all its offshoots being held in high regard (note CANDLEMASS and TROUBLE tats), the quintet at work in From All Purity just doesn’t hit me where it hurts. That said, there are definitely moments within the album where INDIAN shines (the hammering of ‘The Impetus Bleeds’, the one-two punch to the gut of ‘The Rhetoric Of No’), and the guitar work on closer ‘Disambiguation’. The dual vocal attack of Dylan O’Toole and Will Lindsay is well-executed, and, while ‘Clarify’ has taken a bit of heat for being a bit unsettling to the ears, I thought that was the entire point of music like this. Maybe it’s just me. I’m old and jaded and set in my ways. After roughly three decades in the trenches of musical extremity, I want to be uncomfortable at times. I want to know there’s something that – while maybe not my (quarter) bag – is still being done to push the boundaries of metal. Unfortunately, this time out, INDIAN’s flaming arrows fall short of the circled wagons, and the pioneers will sleep soundly tonight.