"Persisting Devolution"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The way these Norwegian teenagers thrash til death gives me hope that the great days of thrash metal are not quite done yet.

Forget the Bay Area or crossover styles...this is dark, relentless thrash in the mode of Germany circa 1985-1987. None of these lads were alive when Kreator, Destruction and Deathrow were in their prime, but they sound like they could have jammed with them during those halcyon days. They plug in and take no prisoners from there. Pretty much every tune here is a raging riff-fest that will bring back memories of the German heyday. Would you expect any less from a band that has a song called "Endless Torment"?

Retro-thrash is a tired genre, but Inculter sound like they MEAN IT!  That blows songs like "Commander", "Mist of the Night" and "Volcanic Swarm" to a whole other level that's impossible to criticize. If Inculter can maintain this level of raw musical violence and authenticity, they will help carry the thrash legacy through the 21st century. This is pure lightning in a bottle!