INCARNATED "Try Before Die"

MIND "Save Yourself From Hell"

By Dr. Abner Mality

And the bands grind on....

That's the motto of Polish lable Selfmadegod Records, who are really booming lately. They might be the best pure grindcore label in the world right now and their releases are increasing by leaps and bounds. Here are two of the latest.

It has been 8 long years since I heard Poland's Incarnated, but I haven't forgotten them. I don't think anybody who ever heard them could. On their last album "Pleasure of Consumption", they created the rawest, buzziest, most teeth-rattingly vicious guitar tone I had ever that was beyond even old Swedish death metal. 8 years later, they pick up where they left off with "Try Before Die". Even the blood-drenched cover photography is the same. They attack with blazing speed, tin can drumming and THAT guitar sound...the ultimate in musical chain-saw fury. If you are looking for the last word in chainsaw guitar, then Incarnated is your band. The songs here are not terribly well written or memorable, but the delivery just reeks of total vicious violence. So if that's what you're looking for, you'll get it on tracks like "Grave Is Where The Heart Is" and "Dead Eyes See Nothing".

Germany's Mind were not known to me. With "Save Yourself From Hell", they deliver a brief, brutal blast of somewhat varied grindcore that stays true to roots acts like Napalm Death, Cripple Bastards and their own countrymen Blood. Dean Jones from Extreme Noise Terror and Denis D. of Doom show up to add their vocal horror to the mix. Grind fans will enjoy what Mind has to offer, especially on the superb track "Human" which starts with a skanking thrash chug before taking off like a nuclear warhead. I like these guys, but there is something routine about their delivery and they don't really rise above the pack. "Save Yourself From Hell" is a serviceable start but they will need to stretch more on their next effort.

Pretty decent additions to the Selfmadegod roster, but I think there may be better yet to come...