"The Blindness of Faith"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is some pretty hard-hitting thrash coming out of Australia. The Aussies have always known how to thrash it up and IN MALICE'S WAKE follows in the tradition of MORTAL SIN and HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH. You won't find any kind of paradigm shift here, but if you're looking for angry metal rooted in the classic sound of SLAYER and EXODUS, this will fit the bill.

"The Blindness of Faith" revolves around the hoary cliche of the evils of religion. Nothing new there, but the album at least has a really metallic and well produced sound. The opening surge of the title track reminds me the classic ONSLAUGHT album "The Force" in style and texture. Honestly, ONSLAUGHT is a very good comparison to this band, particularly that album. The tracks veer between some that are serviceable but not killer and some that are on a higher level that shows what IN MALICE'S WAKE can really accomplish. In that vein is "Unbound Sinful Light", which has a really juicy thumping riff with a lot of catchy groove to it. Even more impressive is "Houses of God", which is a pure riff-fest that is constantly shifting and throwing new thrashy hooks at you. That's the album highlight, though the most epic song is the 7 minute plus "Gehenna" that ends the album.

Even the lesser tunes like "Ritual Slaughter" still have a proper aggression to them. This is the kind of band and album that might not top a year end list, but will satisfy thrashers looking for honest warfare.