“Versus All Gods”

By Anathema Decree

IMPIETY has released their latest full length entitled “Versus All Gods”. This, being the ninth LP for the Singaporean veterans, is likely my favorite since their latest high water mark, 2004's “Paramount Evil”.

Stylistically, the approach has not varied to a large degree. The overall sheer attack and ruthlessly frantic tempos have perhaps been turned down one notch in favor of a slightly more orthodox, dare I say, grove encompassing barrage. There is little pageantry apart from the two composed intro tracks signifying the starts of both side A and B of the LP. During the high-points, this album is reminiscent of slower, more groove oriented ANGELCORPSE riffs.

All the instrumentation is top notch as far as I'm concerned. The guitar and bass are lockstep with the drumming, and this roughly thirty-nine minute record is concise and to the point. The driving riffing and thunderous percussion really are the focal point here. The vocals, although never being much more than a placeholder throughout the bands history in my opinion, do seem to have taken a turn for a slightly thinner, perhaps less interested or merely aged delivery, but it's in no way off-putting if you're already familiar and comfortable with the approach.

There are however noticeable upgrades to their more polished and technically proficient sound. This is further captured by the significant improvement achieved through clear and uninhibiting production. It's modern in the clarity and crispness sense, without obfuscating the natural textures and performances that are too often buried in waves of over compression in the mixes of contemporary production and its baffling tendencies.

If pressed to select standout tracks, I'm inclined to point you to the third track “Djinn of All Djinns”, as well as the album closer “Magickal Wrath”. This being said, I feel the record is straight forward enough, easily digestible, and considerably enjoyable as a whole.

IMPIETY's “Versus All Gods” is most highly recommended for fans of classically straight forward, black tinged, death metal. Overall, I consider it a solid effort from the old guard that remains interested and unwilling to phone in a contract obligation throwaway release.